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Five-Minute Glue Gun Crafts

Any glue gunners looking for some easy kids crafts? Check out the video for simple crafts that take five minutes or less!  Some of these get a big eyeroll from me, but others have me thinking of all the junk I can get rid of in the glorious name of CRAFTS! [Spoiler: I'm starting with the drain saver] VIDEO LINK AT BOTTOM OF POST *As always, safety first. Watch those little fingers around cords and hot glue guns [and paint, and little bits and Dear Lord, if they dump out the super fine glitter...] Y'all know this stuff. But hey, last week I learned ingesting a styrofoam peanut is non-toxic. Praise, Jesus. The long story is unbelievable.  We can never be too safe. I'd love to see your projects if you make any! Ours will be posted on Instagram  ⬇️ LINK TO 5-MIN CRAFTS ⬇️ Credit: 5-Minute Crafts You Tube Channel Peace and blessings. Stay healthy! Jenn