November 21, 2012

Small Business Saturday | November 24

Support your favorite small business.

This November 24th is Small Business Saturday®, a day to celebrate and support the local small businesses that boost the economy and invigorate neighborhoods across the country.

Huckleberry Row is proud to take part in Small Business Saturday, and we’re encouraging everyone to Shop Small® here on November 24th.

Plus, we’re having a special Small Business Saturday offer! Stop in on November 24th, mention this offer and you'll receive 25% off any item of your choice ~ great for holiday shopping! 

Most importantly, get out there, Shop Small, and let’s make this November 24th the biggest day of the year for small business.

Huckleberry Row can be found at 828 6th Ave NW, Faribault, MN 55021.

You can also take advantage of this offer online by using the Coupon Code SBSAT at all three of Huckleberry Row's branch locations:

To learn more, visit

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

November 8, 2012

Huckleberry Row | Bricks and Clicks

I have a dream.

A dream where one day, we can all live together in a world harmoniously united.

A world where no one uses my E-6000 and leaves the cap off {gasp!}, and where my workspace "mess" can be left at day's end by simply turning off the light and turning the neon OPEN sign off.  Sigh..... I know.... Dream big or go home.

Many handmade artisans who are self-employed "share" some of their workspaces with the rest of their family from time to time, be it the dining room table which offers a large span of flat space or the garage floor which works very nicely for spray painting objects.  And yes, this means the vehicles and many other valuables sit on the driveway in the meantime {insert favorite family member's patience here}.

So understandably, when an opportunity presents itself for a handmade artisan to secure a small piece of their own real estate, we jump on it!  Recently, I had the same thing happen at my house.  Although, I guess depending on who you ask, there may have been more furniture manipulation and creative reorganization than true "opportunity."  The fact remains, I now have a room of my house {well.... mostly one wall in a room} devoted to the display and glory of all things Huckleberry Row.  

What better way to start a showcase than a huge shelf unit from IKEA?  Even though my shelf unit was made at IKEA, I actually bought it on Craigslist for $75 from a woman on the University of Minnesota campus who swears the shelf unit would fit out the door completely assembled.  An hour and a half later... we took the completely disassembled shelf unit home.

The shelf unit holds wood signs from my Quote Chick Etsy shop, premium photo prints from my Red Barn Photograph Etsy Shop, and lots of upcycled jewelry from my Wild Apple Design Etsy Shop.  Having all of these goodies displayed really clears up some space in my office, and will also make preparing for art festivals and craft fairs much simpler.  

All of the items displayed are priced and listed for sale, and occasionally throughout the year I have open houses and invite friends and family to come and shop.  As a matter of fact, it's about time for a holiday open house - I'd better get that on the calendar!

Please let me know what you think, and if you're in my neck of the woods, stop in and shop!

Huckleberry Row | Art. Simply Inspired.

Huckleberry Row | Art. Simply Inspired. |
Scrabble Tile Rack Signs | Quote Chick on Etsy

Huckleberry Row | Art. Simply Inspired. |
Upcycled Hair Accessories | Wild Apple Design on Etsy

Huckleberry Row | Art. Simply Inspired. |
Upcycled Brooches | Wild Apple Design on Etsy

Huckleberry Row | Art. Simply Inspired. |
Upcycled & Wire Wrapped Rings | Wild Apple Design on Etsy

Huckleberry Row | Art. Simply Inspired. |
Wooden Box Signs | Quote Chick on Etsy 

Huckleberry Row | Art. Simply Inspired. |
Wooden Box Signs | Quote Chick on Etsy

~ Jenn