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Never Too Early for Spring Cleaning

Clutter. It's everywhere . It seems like I'm forever cleaning the clutter, and just when I think I'm gaining some ground ~ ugh! There's another pile that somehow flew under the radar.  I'm also a big fan of organization {it's an inner joy that may not always show on the surface}, so whenever I find a trick or tip that can make life more streamlined, I try to share it with others. This little trick I actually came across accidentally, and I figured hey ~ maybe it will work for you too.   I have a jewelry armoire.  You know the huge jewlery box on legs with outswinging doors on the side for hanging necklaces, multiple drawers, and a top that lifts up for even more storage.   PRO : Great storage space for all of your jewelry {and then some}.   CON : Nowhere to put the huge jewelry armoire.    Currently, my armoire sits at the top of our stairs, on the way to my office. And since I create jewelry, I'm uber-picky about what I actually wear myself.