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Inside Out | Book Report

As a proofreader, I professionally read and edit a wide variety of subject matter. From university-level psychology thesis papers to generational Cajun vampire novellas, radio interviews to technical manuals.  When I have the chance to read "for pleasure," my interests include true crime, meditation, romantic fiction, preventing caregiver burnout, and DIY home decor hacks.  Recently, I finished Demi Moore's memoir, Inside Out . Typically, I don't read reviews on books or movies prior to reading or seeing them. I prefer to form my own opinions, experience my own journey.  In chapter 16, Demi recounts her tumultuous relationship with her mother, abuse suffered at the hands of those unfit to be parents, and how Demi's mother changed following the death of her own husband.  This wedge affected their mother-daughter relationship until Demi's mother reached the end of her life.  Reading this, I thought of multiple people in my own