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Free Amazon Prime 30-Day Trial

Saving money is in my DNA. My grandmother taught me a boatload of valuable life skills, one of which was how to save a few bucks here and there. Call me thrifty, cheap, a bargain hunter. Call me what you will, but don't dishonor the family tradition of frugality by turning up your nose. I rarely pay retail. For anything. One of the ways I make my money work for me is by stretching every dollar. I've had an Amazon Prime membership for several years, and I love it. Here's your chance to check out the benefits and try it FREE. Sign up for an Amazon Prime 30-day Free Trial. Only $99 annual membership program earns you special benefits: * Instantly watch thousands of movies and TV episodes * Borrow Kindle books * Get unlimited FREE two-day shipping (no minimum order size) * SO MUCH MORE! SIGN UP HERE -->  Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial Complete Amazon Prime Benefit List (as of March 2017) Source: FREE Two-Day Shipping on eligible items

Smile, Sunshine!

I'm a firm believer that empowered women, empower women. Huckleberry Row celebrates not just women,  but all those who empower others. So here's the deal... This is a safe place to share your thoughts,  experiences and feelings with others.  Please. Be nice. The world is full of enough hatred;  negativity here will not be tolerated. Share what you like. Positivity breeds happiness. So smile, Sunshine. You are worth it!