Missing the Point?

SPOILER ALERT: This article may reveal a brief amount of content, context or storyline found in the music video: Someone I Used to Know.

If you follow country music, you may have heard that the Zac Brown Band recently released what some are calling an "intense" music video to accompany his new single, Someone I Used to Know.

The "intensity" that has folks all hot and bothered is an adult scene that opens the video. The commentary from folks online says they can't understand the point of a sex scene in an otherwise amazing video and therefore, most will not share it with others.

Here are the stats:
Video length = 4 minutes 35 seconds
"Sex scene" = 3 seconds

I'm not here to justify, make up your own mind. That's what art is about. 
Just be an adult, listen to the message Zac Brown is sending out, which he also explains at the end of the video. Sometimes, in order to break the stigma, you need to get people's attention.

Kudos to you, ZBB

Video includes adult content 
Click to Watch  > >  VIDEO: Someone I Used to Know

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Source: World Health Organization: Mental Health


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