Team - #22KILL

Team #22Kill 

Honor Courage Commitment, Inc. started the #22KILL movement in 2013 after learning about the staggering statistic that an average of 22 veterans are killed by suicide every day. HCC has committed to researching and understanding the genesis of this epidemic, and educating the general public on the issue. #22KILL is a platform to raise awareness not just towards veteran suicide, but also to the issues that can lead them to suicide; these issues stem primarily from mental health conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury, and stresses of transitioning out of the military. The solution is veteran empowerment. One of the biggest challenges veterans face is finding a sense of purpose after service. #22KILL directly supports veteran empowerment programs that help veterans maximize their talents and understand their value outside of the military. #22KILL also continually provides support for other veteran organizations, community events and project.

  • Research and learn about your local veteran service organizations and what their missions and needs are.
  • Focus on veteran strengths and challenge negative attitudes around veteran “issues.”
  • Advocate for veterans in a positive light in any platform you have.
  • Raise awareness to the issues of veteran suicide, but follow up with the positive solution of education and empowerment through programs offered from your local nonprofits and veteran service organizations.
  • Believe that veteran’s are America’s greatest asset and you will strive to love them unconditionally.

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