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I set out on an adventure today to find an arbor for my garden. This great arbor hunt started from a Facebook post in a community group I belong to, accompanied by some fantastic photos that really reeled me in. After my afternoon errands were finished, I headed to the edge of town and found a quaint farm. I expected to find some neat stuff because of the photos I had seen online, but what I hadn't expected to find was the truly enjoyable, relaxing peace that this farm held.

Upon arriving, I met Brenda who was working on pricing and organizing her amazing collection she had amassed from traveling throughout the country. I had no qualms telling her what a fantastic picker she was! Brenda and I shared an easygoing conversation about topics from animals to children to death to God. In my humble opinion, when you meet someone who believes, it doesn't take long for you to recognize that in each other and begin speaking of God and His precious son.

Brenda told me about some very special plans she has for her farm. She would like to have a sale like this two-day sale about once a month, a petting zoo, a farm run. And a memorial garden where people can come to relax and enjoy nature. Brenda shared more about the reason behind the memorial garden and I immediately got goosebumps. "Those are Godbumps" Brenda said. "They're how you know when God is talking to you."

So very true! Whenever God is talking to me, wants me to know He is there or especially wants me to pay attention, I get those same Godbumps. They can be surprising, but for me are typically comforting and reassuring. Brenda and I sat down and chatted for awhile. My husband called, and Brenda was able to thank him for his service to our country personally, which she had previously asked me to do. There's something truly special when my husband is able to have someone thank him for his service. It means the absolute world to him.

I gave Brenda my business card and told her if she needed help with anything, Huckleberry Row could assist with everything from organization and to photo shoots to hair and make-up. Brenda had been looking for someone to fill some of those needs in her life. Although I'll probably go out and visit Brenda again to see if she needs help, to chat and offer my help however I can.

Oh yes, I found a few fantastic pieces for my garden as well! Pictured are some of the amazing items Brenda has for sale at her farm sale. She still has tents full of items that haven't even been revealed to the public yet. What a blast!

If you live anywhere near the Faribault, Minnesota area (or want to travel), you'll have to check into when Brenda is having her farm sale. Details are still in the works, but comment on this post if you're interested and I'll give you the latest info available. You will love it!

That is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other's faith.
Romans 1:12 NIV


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