Free: 30 Coke Rewards Points!

If you collect Coke Rewards points, you know that 30 points will make a nice little ka-ching in your account.

Here are 30 free points, courtesy of Family Dollar.  

  • Code 10099144423516 = 10 points
  • Code 10099755715372 = 20 points

If you're not familiar with the way the MyCokeRewards program works, visit and sign up for a free account today.  Entering codes from participating Coca-Cola products earns you points, which you can redeem for rewards, use to enter sweepstakes and contests, and receive special offers.

Codes can be found on 14 brands:
  • Coca-Cola     
  • Diet Coke     
  • Coke Zero     
  • Sprite     
  • DASANI     
  • Minute Maid     
  • Fanta     
  • Barq's     
  • Fresca     
  • Pibb     
  • Mello Yello     
  • FUZE     
  • Seagram's

Codes can be found:
  • Under caps
  • Inside tear-off on 12-packs
  • On multi-packs wraps




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