Huckleberry Row's BBQ Debut

2012 Blue Collar BBQ & Art FestArt. Simply Inspired.

Huckleberry Row debuted on August 11 at the Blue Collar BBQ & Art Fest in Faribault, MN.

Huckleberry Row was born earlier this year, but had not been revealed to the public until today.  The reception was warm and friendly, and more shows have been scheduled in the future, the next one being the Handmade Harvest Indie Art Show in October.  More information at the end of this post.  

Following are photos of Huckleberry Row's booth at the Blue Collar BBQ & Art Fest:

Please come and visit Huckleberry Row at the Handmade Harvest Indie Craft Fair:

When:        October 13, 2012
                   10am - 4pm
Where:      Linwood Recreation Center
Address:   860 St. Clair Avenue
                   St. Paul, MN  55105

Get Updates Here:!Shows/cihc


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